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Simi Fagbongbe and Ope Fagbongbe


How did you choose your team colour? Not only is red quintessentially Canadian, I think it looks great on us, too!
What’s your must-have beauty/grooming item? Eyebrow shaping pencil! I feel so fancy when my eyebrows are on point.
How did you train for the race? I did a lot of running, weight training, meditation, brain games and of course standard transmission lessons. It is literally impossible to prepare for the unknown.
How did you train for the race? Gym workout routines for the physical. Extreme Sudoku puzzles for the mental.
What’s one thing you wish you could bring on the race? Music.
What’s in your backpack? 3 short sleeve tops, 1 long sleeve top, 2 pants (1 sport, the other waterproof), 1 PJs, thermal socks/regular socks, hoodie, soft shell jacket and waterproof jacket, hiking shoes, flip-flops, toiletries.
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2015 Chevrolet Colorado

The Racer Files

Simi's File
Simi's File

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Ope's File
Ope's File

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