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Episode 10: Man, I've Got a Big Butt!

After Brent and Sean were saved by non-elimination in Delhi, India, the remaining five teams headed back home to Canada to Penticton, B.C., where a Roadblock left some teams struggling to stay afloat.

Caution: Spoilers Ahead!

Nick and Matt were the first to depart. After landing in Penticton, teams headed to the D’Angelo Estates Winery for their next clue. 

For the challenge, teams had to free a truck from a maze of other trucks. Once they freed their truck, teams would have to head to Summerland Waterfront Resort for their next clue. They also found out a Double U-turn was ahead. 

Nick and Matt passed the challenge first and headed to the resort.

Gino and Jesse were still working on it as Brent and Sean arrived, followed by Dujean and Leilani and Simi and Ope. 

Teams realized how difficult it was when the other teams started moving the same trucks to free their own. Brent and Sean were next to pass, followed by Gino and Jesse.

For the next Roadblock at the Summerland Waterfront Resort, teams had to complete a two-part wakeboarding course – glide across a sliding ramp and remain on their board for three seconds, and complete a jump while catching some air. 

Nick was the first to attempt the wakeboarding but struggled to stay up in the water.

Back at the truck challenge, Simi and Ope were the next to pass, with Dujean and Leilani the last ones to complete it. 

Sean was the next to get in the water, followed by Jesse and Simi. Since Dujean can’t swim, Leilani did the challenge. 

Nick struggled to stay up in the water as Sean passed the first obstacle but he narrowly missed the jump. Simi also struggled to stay up, as did Leilani. Jesse was the first to complete the challenge and he and Gino headed to Covert Farms. 

Nick was still struggling with the wakeboarding as Sean completed the challenge. 

After arriving at Covert Farms teams found out their next Detour would be Brains or Brawn. In Brains, teams had to complete a series of farm-based challenges; in Brawn, they’d have to tackle a course of strength-based farming chores. 

Teams would then have to complete the Freak‘n Farmer Mud Run, where they’d find a Double U-turn at the end.

Gino and Jesse chose Brawn, while Nick kept attempting the wakeboarding and finally got it. Leilani also continued to have trouble staying up in the water, as did Simi.

Gino and Jesse attempted Brawn and realized the challenge was very physically demanding. On the way to the Detour, Sean had to go to the bathroom and as they were pulled over to the side of the road, Nick and Matt passed them.

Brent and Sean arrived at the farm but first had to complete a Speedbump – bottle, cork and label a dozen bottles of wine – for being saved by non-elimination in the previous leg. 

Gino and Jesse completed Brawn as Nick and Matt began it. Gino and Jesse finished the mud run and got to the U-turn board first, where they U-turned Nick and Matt.

They then headed to Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad where they had to look for a mini version of Jon Montgomery amongst a 4,000 square foot model railway.

Back on the water, Leilani wiped out wakeboarding and got hurt. Her wetsuit was ripped and there was a piece of plastic in her leg. She didn’t know if she could keep going but bandaged it up and decided to continue.

Nick and Matt finished Brawn and went to the mud run as Brent and Sean completed their Speedbump. They decided to do Brawn but quickly realized it was a lot harder than they thought.

Back at the lake, Simi and Leilani continued to attempt wakeboarding, with Simi finishing first. 

Nick and Matt finished the mud run and found out they had been U-turned. They chose to U-turn Dujean and Leilani. 

Gino and Jesse arrived at the miniature railroad and starting looking for Mini Jon. Nick and Matt attempted Brains as Brent and Sean struggled through Brawn. As they tried to move the tire across the field, Sean got sick. Simi and Ope arrived and chose Brawn. 

Brent and Sean completed Brawn as Simi and Ope worked on turning over the tire.

Leilani finally completed the wakeboarding challenge. Dujean thought he would’ve been better but Leilani insisted that wasn’t the case as he is afraid of water.

Gino and Jesse finally found a Mini Jon and drove themselves to the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre to look for the next Pit Stop as Brent and Sean completed the mud run.

Dujean and Leilani arrived at the farm and chose Brawn as Nick and Matt completed Brains. 

Simi struggled with the monkey bars so climbed across it instead. Dujean and Leilani argued while doing the tire flip.

Gino and Jesse arrived at the Pit Stop in first place and won a trip to Tokyo, Japan, and free gas for two years. 

Brent and Sean found Mini Jon and headed to the Pit Stop as Nick and Matt arrived. Leilani struggled with the monkey bars as her hands were swollen from the wakeboarding.

Simi and Ope completed the mud run and headed to the model railroad as Nick and Matt found Mini Jon. 

Brent and Sean made it to the Pit Stop in second place, followed right after by Nick and Matt in third.

Simi and Ope found Mini Jon and headed to the Pit Stop as Leilani continued to struggle on the monkey bars. They talked about switching Detours but decided to take a penalty instead. 

Dujean and Leilani then found out they had been U-turned. But since they took the penalty they just headed to the Pit Stop.

Simi and Ope arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth, followed by Dujean and Leilani who arrived in last and were eliminated. 

“It’s hard to race with someone who you have a history with,” said Leilani.

“Even though we bump heads and we have our differences we made it this far and that’s huge,” said Dujean.

Order of Finish:
Gino and Jesse
Brent and Sean
Nick and Matt 
Simi and Ope
Dujean and Leilani (eliminated)

Special Thanks To:
Roots Canada
Over the Rainbow
Destination British Columbia
Covert Farms
Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad: The Pedersen Family
Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre: Charlotte Stringham, Jacqueline Brown and Sheri Stelkia
Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel & Spa
Hoodoo Adventures

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