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​Steph and Kristen proud to be first all-female team to win ‘The Amazing Race Canada’

Steph and Kristen had won four previous legs going into the Season 4 finale of “The Amazing Race Canada” and despite being behind Joel and Ashley for part of the leg, managed to make up time and become the first female team to ever win. Find out what the dating couple had to say about their experience and what they’re going to do with their $250,000 grand prize below!

How did it feel when you were running to the mat and you saw you were in first?

“Until we saw the mat and we were holding hands and running to Jon and everyone was cheering, we didn’t say ‘yes we won’ so that feeling was so much emotion at once I don’t even know how to describe it.”  

Steph: “It was super surreal.”

How cool is it to be the first all-female team to win ‘The Amazing Race Canada?’

“It was fun to run it but to be the first female team to win it, win it together, and to show girls can kick some butt too (is even better) … People can be athletic and competitive and still have fun and work well together.”

Kristen: “I think going in to every season people always look at the two-girl teams, we were wearing pink on the starting line and everyone kind of has those thoughts, but we kicked ass every single leg. We were a huge threat and I was proud to be strong women doing this together.” 

In the final leg you weren’t ahead the whole leg, were you nervous you might not win?

“We felt fortunate enough to be one of the top three teams running the leg no matter what … but then once you’re running the leg you’re also like ‘holy crap we could actually win this’ … once we got past the challenge at the bank and the biosphere and got to the bagel challenge I thought ‘this is a challenge where we can make up a little bit of time’ because not only was it physical, which Kristen has, it’s also mental and Kristen speaks a little bit of French and that’s when we pushed past Joel and Ashley and Jillian and Emmett.”

Kristen: “When I saw the bagel shop I thought I’m doing this to give ourselves the best shot. Because even if you’re first going into the last (challenge), the memory thing is crazy, that’s where everything gets shuffled up, so we wanted to give ourselves as much time as possible.” 

Do you feel like this was a life-changing experience?

“It was. Honestly, just the whole experience and our view now on what’s important. We need to take time to really experience these things. We want to travel and see the world.” 

Kristen: “Halfway through I was like, ‘I need a change in my life.’ I basically decided I’m quitting my job, I need to switch things up.”

Steph: “So we’re going to take the year and go travel.”

What are you going to do with the money?

“I’m in significant student debt from law school so this is going to help me cover that … and obviously put it towards travel and hopefully save it for real-life purchases down the road.”

Kristen: “I’m going to travel and I’d love to have a chunk to put towards investing in a property.” 

What was it like running this together?

“It brought us so much closer together … We both have been very competitive in our lives separately, we’ve had different things, but we’ve never had anything, other than obviously being in a relationship, where we really had to come together and work towards a common goal … I was worried we weren’t going to have as much fun as we did but we had a frickin’ blast. I wouldn’t change anything about it.” 

Steph: “Minus picking up the machete (in Cuba and cutting my finger).” (laughs)