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Rita and Yvette thankful to have fought another day on 'The Amazing Race Canada'

(Photo via Bell Media)
Although it was a bitter-sweet goodbye for twin sisters Rita and Yvette on Wednesday’s episode of “The Amazing Race Canada,” the girls could not express how happy they were to have been able to fight another day in the race after landing a non-elimination round on the previous leg in Havana, Cuba. 

“Getting a second chance like that, especially after it was such a rough day, that was the best feeling. That just gave us the boost and motivation that we needed,” says Yvette. 

Unfortunately that luck ran out in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia where the girls were eliminated after facing a challenging final leg. 

“It was so physical, everything we did that day took everything out of us. From beginning to end it was all just strength and endurance, and that was the hardest thing,” says Rita.

“From dragging what felt like a 200 lb. training dummy out of the water, to the dancing and the Highland Games – everything we did that day was just so exhausting!”

Not only did the team face a Speed Bump for coming in last in the previous leg, but they also had to endure a U-Turn by their fellow competitors Jillian and Emmett.

“We were bummed, shocked and in such disbelief. We didn’t see it coming and then when we got there it just deflated us, but we had to push through,” says Yvette. 

Even when the going got tough, the girls were amazed to see how resilient and persevering they were throughout the race.

“I feel like this experience just taught us to go after your dreams, and to not be afraid to dream big. If you have something that you’re afraid of, just conquer it,” says Rita. 

For Rita and Yvette their experience on the action packed show was truly an experience of a lifetime. 

“To have had the chance to go on the show, travel around Canada and the world, and see all of the things that we saw it was an experience that we will cherish forever,” says Rita. 

“Also, it opened our eyes to see just how fortunate we are to be Canadians and how beautiful our country is. Who knew, I had no idea that there are so many beautiful places here in this country,” adds Yvette.

As for what’s next for these two University grads, let’s just say they’re leaving their options open.

“The sky is the limit! We’d like to travel, just enjoy and see the world.”

“We’re really proud of ourselves, we ran a good race.”