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​Kelly and Kate proud to represent their Asian heritage on ‘The Amazing Race Canada’

After having no trouble eating bugs or rockin’ a karaoke challenge in Vietnam, it was a puzzle in Haida Gwaii, B.C., that proved to be Kelly and Kate’s downfall on “The Amazing Race Canada.” But despite being eliminated, the best friends and business partners say they’re so proud they were able to represent their Asian heritage along the way.  

“Because we’re the first Chinese Canadian team to be on the ‘Race,’ I think our community is cheering for us, they’re really surprised to see us take it to that level because no one has done that before,” says Kate.

Growing up in strict, traditional Chinese families, the team says it was nice to be able to show their families just how tough they are.

“Our moms are extremely proud of how far we’ve made it throughout the ‘Race’ because they see how competitive the other racers are,” says Kate.

“They’re such big fans now and they’re so proud of us. I think we made them so proud to be on TV and be the first to represent our ethnicity and to celebrate us being here.”

She adds they also hope to inspire the students they work with through their fitness business, which is aimed at Toronto’s international Chinese students. 

“We really hope to encourage our students, not just (with) their body image and fitness, but also to chase after their dreams, follow their heart, do something that they love to do, that’s what we would love for everyone to take away from us,” says Kate. 

Throughout the “Race,” Kelly and Kate proved how determined they could be and say their proudest moment was winning the leg in Vietnam.

“How can we forget that, going through bugs, karaoke,” says Kate. “The (‘Shine Your Light’) song is going to be stuck forever in our heads, that’s going to be our theme song.”

“Our walk-on song,” adds Kelly with a laugh.

But despite all the difficult challenges they overcame, it was a puzzle in Haida Gwaii that stumped them and contributed to their elimination. 

“I think with the puzzle solving we’re used to following instructions and following orders, eating bugs, obviously, but we’re not very good with abstract thinking and creative thinking so that really just got us. It just took us so long to figure out,” says Kate. 

By the time they finished the puzzle there was only one other team (Julie and Lowell) left at the next challenge – moving logs with a tugboat. 

“First of all I hate driving, I hate operating motor vehicles so I was sort of scared going into the challenge but I actually surprised myself I did it pretty quickly,” says Kelly.

“We never gave up, we kept on going but everyone just ran such a perfect race,” adds Kate.

The team says running the “Race” has brought them even closer as friends and business partners and they’re now ready to focus on their new venture – a false eyelash collection called Paradise Found Lash.

“Although our adventure with ‘Amazing Race Canada’ ended, this new adventure begins. We’re so excited for what’s upcoming for us in life,” says Kate.