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'The Amazing Race Canada's' Julie and Lowell read your tweets!

(Photo via CTV)
It was a bitter-sweet goodbye on Tuesday for Julie and Lowell when their journey on “The Amazing Race Canada” came to an end. 

The power couple may have left the race wishing they had gone a bit further, but are forever grateful for having been given the opportunity to see the true beauty of what Canada and the world has to offer.

After standing by each other every step of the way as they raced around the world, these lovebirds proved that love truly does conquer all.

CTV had the chance to sit down with Julie and Lowell and read some of their fans amazing tweets!

Although as a team they faced many obstacles on the show with Lowell suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa, which has left him legally blind, it was their undying positivity and fun loving attitude that really showed.

“You can’t always choose your situation and you can’t always choose what is going on, but you can choose your attitude,” says Lowell.

The couple even recieved a tweet from season 2 racers Rex and Bob.

"Your love is inspirational."

And I think we can all agree on that!

Having made Canada proud, this dream couple sure knows how to put the "amazing" in "The Amazing Race Canada."

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