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Joel and Ashley proud to have represented First Nations people on ‘The Amazing Race Canada’

Despite being U-turned twice, Joel and Ashley never gave up and secured a spot in the Season 4 “Amazing Race Canada” finale. But despite being ahead most of the final leg in Montreal, a memory challenge stumped them and put them behind the other two teams. Find out what the third-place team had to say about the final leg and their time on the race below!

You were ahead for most of the final leg what happened near the end?

“When we got to the last challenge, the memory challenge, memory is usually our thing, but when we opened the clues we don’t remember what the clues (said at the time), we just wanted to get to the point and get the task done …. It was so challenging because in my mind all these words are rambling together and I’m like, ‘Is that how the actual saying went?’ It was really frustrating because no matter how hard we tried we just couldn’t get it.”

Joel: “We were just getting confused and mixing things around. It was hard. It was definitely the toughest of all (the challenges).”

Ashley: “It’s frustrating because that’s really the only thing that held us back. We ran quite the race and we did whatever we could to get to that point and some things just don’t work out but I’m really thankful we made Top 3.”

You were U-turned twice – are you still bothered by the actions of the other teams?

“I’m not bothered by being U-turned because it’s part of the race and you try and overcome it the best way that you can. I think we’re the only team in ‘Amazing Race’ history and ‘Amazing Race Canada’ to ever be U-turned twice and still make it and not get eliminated so we had the strength to keep going.”

What kind of response did you get from not telling Frankie and Amy the truth in the previous leg at the plant challenge?

“The first response I got was from them and it wasn’t very nice …. That’s what I didn’t expect because it’s good to stay classy and it’s part of the game. I thought it was a really stupid move of them to ask for help from another team when you’re trying to get into the finale. I’m not going to be like, ‘Oh sure I’ll help you take our spot in the finale.’ 

The thing people don’t know is me and my dad were there for at least three and a half hours and my dad was telling me over and over ‘I don’t think I can do it’ … the clue clearly said you must include all the English words of every plant, that’s not hard to read, so all I encouraged people to do is read your clue and run your own race …

I was happy that I did that because it secured our spot, that’s the one thing I needed was security from that lie and I thought I ran this whole race honestly and clean and this is a time where it counts … when I smiled at the camera they thought it was ruthless but right then and there I was happy because I knew we secured ourselves a spot.”

It was so wonderful watching the two of you work together – how much closer did this bring you?
“I never knew she could do all that. It was amazing.”

Ashley: “I never knew he could do all that either. It’s just crazy what you learn about a person after being with them 24/7. There was just constant interaction and being able to understand each other and communicate and encourage each other. That’s what really pushed us far.”

What kind of response have you received from the First Nations community?

“So much support. Everyone’s behind us and proud of us for the race we ran. They were cheering for us the whole way, there’s so much support, especially on social media.”

Ashley: “It’s an accomplishment in itself to be the first First Nations team on ‘The Amazing Race Canada’ but to have all that support from First Nations people in Canada it made it more rewarding. It was like, ‘Wow we’re doing this for a bigger purpose than ourselves winning the race.’ We’re also representing our people on a higher platform and that made it even more special.”

Ashley, how does this experience compare to winning Mrs. Universe?

“This experience was way harder than anything I’ve ever done. I thought pageants were so hard and challenging, mentally and physically, but this is like next level intense. You cannot prepare for ‘The Amazing Race Canada.’” 

Joel: “You’re so tired mentally and physically but still you have to keep going.”

Ashley: “But the race really showed what we’re made of. I didn’t know I had that much strength within me, the race brought it out. The race made me even more fierce than I already am and has made me want to do so much more with my life now … the race really opened my eyes to the world.”