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​Jillian and Emmett say a bad leg cost them ‘The Amazing Race Canada’

Jillian and Emmett were a strong team throughout Season 4 of “The Amazing Race Canada” but bad luck with cabs and even more bad luck at a bagel challenge in Montreal cost them the chance to win it all. See what the exes had to say about coming in second and what effect the race had on their relationship below! 

After running such a strong race, how does it feel to come in second?

“It doesn’t feel good. It’s like all or nothing … it feels like you lost the whole race because of a bad leg.”

Emmett: “We had more bad luck than any other leg. The challenges, the bagel one, hammered us. It pretty much took us out. I think we had our worst day and (Steph and Kristen) had their best day.”

Jillian, how frustrated were you getting at the bagel challenge?

“I was getting very frustrated. In the beginning I was putting them on in reverse order and then finally after a very long time I realized I was doing. And then every time I got to a new location the bagel orders weren’t right, the bagels were falling out in between, and it was just an absolute nightmare … I must’ve ran over 20 km and it was very hot, very frustrating, still had shoes on that were too small for me. We didn’t speak French, no one would help me.”

Emmett: “We knew a French speaking place was coming and that was the worst case scenario for us. It would be ok if it was a language barrier where everyone was even but for that challenge when you had to rely on people to get answers and there’s one team (Steph and Kristen) who speaks the language, how could you possibly compete with it? But when we left Cirque du Soleil our cab driver took off, I paid him an extra $60 just to wait, but he took off, we showed up there last and it put us behind … we just got hammered.”

What was it like running the race together?

“To this day if someone said you can go on ‘The Amazing Race’ tomorrow and take whoever you want, I’d pick Emmett again in a heartbeat because I know he wants this as bad as I do. As many tense moments as we had they didn’t last, it was just a quick (thing) because we both wanted the same thing.”

Emmett: “It’s a rough way to go out … It was our worst leg. Nothing went right and nothing else matters. It’s a tough one to swallow but if anyone else had to win it, happy it’s Steph and Kristen. They outright beat us in the finale. We didn’t show up that day. That being said it was fun we did some amazing things.”

Jillian: “I’m a super advocate of strong women and they represent women really well. I’m so happy they won it.” 

What did this do for your relationship?

“I don’t think it made it any stronger. Jill and I, she’s still like my best friend, we still hang out quite a bit. If we had another opportunity to do the race, I’d be more than happy to do it with Jillian.” 

Jillian: “We don’t have any bad blood. We’re really close we’re best friends … we have no grudges or hold no resentment towards each other.”

Emmett: “Our title is exes but we’re really best friends.”