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Anthony and Brandon definitely regret taking a penalty on ‘Amazing Race Canada’

Brandon and Anthony definitely want a do-over.

The first team eliminated from Season 4 of “The Amazing Race Canada” says they regret taking a four-hour penalty and wish they’d attempted the Jasper Skytram challenge a second time instead. 

The challenge involved climbing outside the car hanging thousands of feel in the air onto a ladder and moving along the bottom of the tram to the other side to collect their next clue. 

After Brandon attempted the challenge once and fell, the team figured it would be a long time before they were able to attempt it again and thought it would be faster to take the penalty. Kelly and Kate also made the same choice prior to Anthony and Brandon doing so.

But what they didn’t anticipate was the challenge being cancelled due to bad weather shortly after, meaning the teams remaining had to wait the time it would’ve taken to complete the challenge instead.

“If we would’ve stayed and would’ve went up for a second attempt we wouldn’t have had to do it and we would’ve made it,” says Brandon. “But at the same time we took the penalty and we couldn’t change that.”

Even though it’s tough being the first to go, Anthony and Brandon say being on the “Race” was still a phenomenal experience. 

“We enjoyed the time we had on the show,” says Anthony. “Jasper was absolutely gorgeous. And Yellowknife was smaller than I thought it was.” 

The two best friends from Windsor, Ont., who met while working in a restaurant just a year ago, add that the experience made their friendship even stronger. 

“You spend that much time with anyone and you learn something new, right? Now we’re closer so obviously the ‘Race’ bonded us together,” says Anthony.

As well as the prestige of winning “The Amazing Race Canada,” the friends were hoping to use the prize money to help out a co-worker’s niece named Zoey, who suffers from several chronic illnesses. To learn more about Zoey click here.     

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