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Anne and Tanya proud to show their kids how far they could go on 'The Amazing Race Canada'

After two challenging legs in Vietnam, Anne and Tanya’s time on “The Amazing Race Canada” came to an end but the two best friends say they are so proud of themselves for battling extreme heat, dizzying heights and eating bugs to get as far as they did. 

In the previous leg in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, Tanya was tasked with herding an unruly flock of ducks into a pen in scorching temperatures – something that caught up with her later in the leg when she suffered heat stroke and had to call in the medics. 

“I quickly learned that when they say to you ‘stay hydrated’ you need to stay hydrated … But I was just so focused and determined to get the ducks in the pen and get Anne and I going that I didn’t have a stitch of water. I tried to catch up as we were moving onto the next (challenge) but my body just got upset at me and started shutting down,” says Tanya.

Anne says it was a scary moment to watch her friend go down but knew she had to keep pushing on to keep them in the leg. She took on the Detour transporting coconuts on her own so Tanya had time to recover.

When they got to the Pit Stop they found out Stéphane and Antoine had taken a four-hour penalty, meaning Anne and Tanya were able to stay in the ‘Race’ and continue on to Ho Chi Minh City.

Once there, Anne had to reassemble a scooter before both she and Tanya had to sample some “Vietnamese delicacies.” 

“I thought I was going to die,” says Anne with a laugh. “Tanya and I had this agreement going in that she was going to eat the bugs and I was going to jump and we got to that Detour and we both had to do it.” 

“There was so much on the plate. It was hard to eat all those bugs and the bat … it was gross.”

But they knew they just had to do it.

“You get to that point, after what we went through the day before and all the other legs, how can you give up now?” says Tanya.

“They really upped it this year for us, right from jumping out of the tram (in Jasper),” says Anne. 

They then headed to the Flip Flop Detour and were shocked to see Jillian and Emmett still at the challenge, considering they started the leg so far behind and encountered a slow bus and traffic along the way. 

“I think at that point we felt we still had a chance,” says Tanya.

But the exes finished just ahead of the best friends, meaning Anne and Tanya were eliminated. Even so, Tanya said the experience brought them even closer together. 

“This is pretty extreme, this is not everyday life and doing this with your friend and having this experience, it takes it to a whole new level I think … It was overall a very positive thing to be at this age and be at this stage and be mothers,” says Tanya. 

“And to show our kids that you try and never know what will happen,” says Anne.

Anne adds that her six-year-old son was delighted to see his mom singing “Happy Birthday” to him while rappelling down the Calgary Tower. 

“He loved it. It was a very special moment for me because I was very guilty being away for his birthday, I felt really badly about it … When we watched it together to see the smile on his face, he was just beaming.” 

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