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Jon Montgomery

Hometown: Russell, Man.
Current city: Victoria
Career Highlights:
• Host, "The Amazing Race Canada"
• 2010 Olympic Champion – Skeleton
• Canada’s Celebrity Auctioneer

Jon’s historic victory in skeleton at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games made him a champion, but it was his now-famous beerswilling walk through Whistler Village, and genuine awe-inspiring joy on the podium receiving his gold medal, that made him a household name across Canada.

As Jon transitions to civilian life after his skeleton career, he is proud to be a part of "The Amazing Race Canada." I'm thrilled to be moving out of one career as an athlete and into a new career in TV,” said Jon. “There is not a single program on television that I would rather be a part of.”

Hailing from Russell, Manitoba (population 1669), some 350 kilometres west of Winnipeg on the Saskatchewan border, Jon knows a thing or two about small town Canada. He’s also visited every major Canadian city, and countless international destinations both as a traveller and athlete, and maintains that Canadians share a connection that no other country on earth can boast. As such, Jon wasn’t all that surprised to see the success of the previous seasons of "The Amazing Race Canada," as he has seen first-hand the collective enthusiasm Canadians share for this country.

“Once again Canada shines through as the star of the show and reminds us why it’s the greatest place to live on earth,” he said.

Jon is also a trained auctioneer, public speaker and devoted to several charitable causes. He lives in Victoria with his wife Darla and chocolate Labrador retriever, Stark.